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It's been said that discipline, determination, and hard work are the cornerstones of a successful athlete. Here at Iron Rebel, we echo those words by providing the highest quality in Powerlifting/Weightlifting gear and apparel in the world. Through our five years of existence, we have established ourselves in providing the highest quality knee wraps, wrist wraps, sleeves and lifting accessories available on the market. We pride ourselves on the look and appearance of our products, as well as our quality and performance of our gear.

Through our humble beginnings, we made the commitment to be a "by the lifters, for the lifters" company; we made performance, quality and appearance our main focal points with the athlete always in mind. Founded by athletes, Iron Rebel continues to strive in bringing the most innovative and cutting edge gear and accessories to the athletes who believe in the same values as we do.

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Our foundation has been derived from the athletes' mentality of discipline, determination and hard work. In keeping with these values, we believe it is our duty and honor in providing high performance products and accessories which are also attractive in appearance. The lifting world has been riddled with questionable patterns and designs with complicated colors and patterns that have often been tolerated because appearance was not a factor when designing their products.

As a company for the lifters, we made this issue an equal priority in terms of looks, appearance and appeal when hitting the gym or smashing a World Record. We are proud of our reputation - based on thousands of satisfied lifters highlighting our quality, customer service and performance as the hallmark of all of our products through emails, messages and social media.

Before buying from us, we should earn your business. Do a search on reviews of our gear and accessories before purchasing with us. We guarantee you will find even more reason to believe that we have what you are looking for in terms of quality, aesthetics and high performance. It's the same thing we would do here at Iron Rebel; to ensure whoever we are buying from is the best in the business with no compromise in quality or performance. The same thing we are looking for is the same thing our lifters want and that has been our driving force that has kept us as the lifters choice for gear and apparel. 

We are looking for a long term relationship with our lifters. Whether you are a weekend warrior, or strive to be a World Champion, we want to be a part of your life and dreams - whatever they may be. You want a company who works just as hard as you do. If you share our idea of discipline, determination and hard work, we want to take that journey with you.


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